Guest Post at Marketing Land – Grabbing Attention Vs. Getting People To Care About Your Content

Grabbing someone’s attention is not the same thing as getting someone to care — and you cannot force someone to care by manipulating them through a catchy headline.

In simple terms, ask yourself — can I distinguish between a headline from The New York Times and The Daily Mail without explicit context? An informed reader and writer can, and that’s the point I’m trying to make.

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Guest Post at Marketing Land – Growth Hacking is Bull, Part 2

Anyone claiming to be a growth hacker today must read Sean’s definition of the term because it strips much of the bull away from how the term is abused today.

We should be encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses not startups. We should be arguing in favor of premium instead of freemium. We should be fighting for monetization from day one. We should come to terms with the harsh reality that instead of good being the enemy of great, sometimes good enough is simply good enough. Above all, we should emphasize proven, scalable, repeatable and sustainable ways of growing the business rather than trying to hack growth.

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Guest Post at Econsultancy – Why native advertising needs to embrace the narrative

Native advertisements should tell compelling narratives that are tailor-made to contextualize the brand for a particular audience in a way that makes the brand personally relevant to that audience.

Brands understand the native part of the equation – “[contributing] to the experience of the site or platform where it appears” – but they need to learn about and embrace the advertising part of the equation as well.

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Guest Post at The Future Buzz – The No-Nonsense Guide to ROI in Social Media

As a digital marketing strategist it confounds me that even as 2014 is in full swing, marketers, publishers and startups are sadly (still) debating the issue of return on investment (ROI) from social media.

By understanding consumer intent and behavior at each stage of the funnel you can set the appropriate goals (beyond leading the customer further down the funnel), choose the right tools, and use the correct metrics for success.

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Guest Post at Search Engine Journal – SEO 101: The Only Algorithm That Matters

Google changes its search engine’s ranking algorithm over 500 times a year according to Moz, and keeping up with each change can be an exhausting task — unless you understand the purpose behind the changes and implement a more holistic approach to your search strategy.

Understanding Google’s intentions with these updates will better equip you to create a long-term search acquisition strategy that is progressive instead of reactionary. This approach will work for 99% of publishers and businesses and is meant to specifically cover “on-page factors” for a content-based search acquisition strategy.

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