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netscape navigator profiled in chicago tribune

one of my fellow netscape navigators, henry wang, from team netscape was profiled in the chicago tribune.

Wang, a 17-year-old from DeKalb, has been called a digger, a seeder, a navigator — even a filter.

But Wang calls himself “dirtyfratboy” — his online nickname on and, for which he recommends articles to millions of potential readers.

check out the entire article.


i have just started participating in stanford’s folding@home project.

folding@home is a distributed computing project — people from through out the world download and run software to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world. every computer makes the project closer to our goals.

if you would like to join forces with me, my team code is 59978. let’s help make the world a better place.

shoddy journalism and a fiery rebuttal

in a disappointing display of shoddy journalism, lee gomes published an article in the wall street journal today, with factual inaccuracies and baseless remarks about

but netscape customers apparently were happy to let editors do those chores for them. when they voted, it was with their feet. since september, when netscape made other changes that affected readership, traffic at has dropped 28%, reports hitwise.

jason calacanis who was in charge of the team when netscape made the shift to the social media model has a fiery rebuttal to mr. gomes’ claims.

what lee leaves out is that aol moved the netscape email off of the domain at the same exact time of the launch and that the email users were exactly 35-40% of the usage at

If you take out that fact netscape’s traffic is actually up. Additionally, we lose the browser bundle deals (hp, etc), and those were +10% of the traffic.

add to that fact that netscape was losing traffic for three straight years and you are left with that fact that the new site stopped the three year slide almost instantly… and started growing the traffic!

Assignment Zero Launched

assignment zero has finally launched, and i am excited to be a part of the project!

this project offers any willing contributor the chance to do the work of a reporter, writer, researcher or editor in a joint investigation by wired and when assignment zero ends, will publish the results — articles, interviews and assorted data. wired magazine contributing editor jeff howe will write a feature-length article that will run on wired news.

Check it out.

sobcon 2007

i just completed my registration for sobcon 2007. a special thanks to liz strauss for all her help.

an evening and a day of community, strategy, and information about the art, technology, and science of relationship blogging for 250 experienced bloggers.

we will demonstrate to 250 bloggers how to take their existing blogs to the next level through interactive presentations on publishing, design and branding, tools, analytics, social networking, marketing, and coaching, from the perspectives of the blogger and the audience.

the event takes place on friday and saturday may 11-12 at the Chicago O’Hare Sofitel. there are only 250 spots available so register now!

looking forward to meeting with some great bloggers and speakers.