shoddy journalism and a fiery rebuttal

in a disappointing display of shoddy journalism, lee gomes published an article in the wall street journal today, with factual inaccuracies and baseless remarks about

but netscape customers apparently were happy to let editors do those chores for them. when they voted, it was with their feet. since september, when netscape made other changes that affected readership, traffic at has dropped 28%, reports hitwise.

jason calacanis who was in charge of the team when netscape made the shift to the social media model has a fiery rebuttal to mr. gomes’ claims.

what lee leaves out is that aol moved the netscape email off of the domain at the same exact time of the launch and that the email users were exactly 35-40% of the usage at

If you take out that fact netscape’s traffic is actually up. Additionally, we lose the browser bundle deals (hp, etc), and those were +10% of the traffic.

add to that fact that netscape was losing traffic for three straight years and you are left with that fact that the new site stopped the three year slide almost instantly… and started growing the traffic!

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