Monthly Archives: April 2007

taking charge of pronet advertising

if you are a subscriber to pronet advertising you may have noticed the massive amounts of blogging that i have been doing on the site for the past few weeks. this is due to the fact that i have been made the lead-author as well as editor of the site, as neil and cameron both focus their efforts more on acs (they will still be blogging but more infrequently). we never bothered to make an official announcement but after tony’s kind words today i felt compelled to write a few words here.

901am acquisition official, get well krug

a few hours after i posted about the email i got from dominic rivera, an official announcement was made on the website itself.

We are pleased to announced that Splashpress Media has acquired We remain committed in bringing new media news throughout the day. We are currently working on moving the site to a new server. Thank you for your patience.

unfortunately there has been no word so far from david krug. david is the founder of 901am, the one who hired me after i resigned from the blog herald, and has been a dear friend to me ever since. the blog herald has, however, released the following statement on behalf of splashpress media:

In the aftermath of the sale, Splashpress would like to take the opportunity to thank David Krug for the marvellous job he did in building and in such a short period. We believe the site still has great potential to grow and to dominate the niche that covers new media news. We are happy to announce that Minic Rivera, contributor at the Blog Herald and former editor of the Blogging Times, has agreed to be editor of 901am. And last, but not least, we would like to wish David Krug a speedy recovery, as he has been unwell now for a few weeks. Please join us in our prayers for him.

get well soon krug. we miss you and wish you a quick recovery.

901am acquired, farewell 901am

i got an email from dominic rivera earlier today telling me that 901am has been acquired by splashpress media.

in line with this, we remain committed to having you among our esteemed bloggers. We would like to extend our open invitation for you to continue blogging at 901am.

unfortunately, among other reasons, i have too much on my plate already and therefore have decided to leave the team at 901am.

best of luck to dominic (now editor of 901am) and splashpress media (the new owners).