an introduction to social media strategy and socially driven content

wendy piersall has a great post on her site today that covers,

why you would want to learn more about social media, what kind of results can you expect from social media, and how to get started learning more.

she was also kind enough to give us a shout out,

How to Get Started Learning More About Social Media

I’ve learned most of what I know from lots of trial and error (more error than trial, to be honest!). But also mainly from these three sources: Neil Patel, Muhammad Saleem (”Mu”), and my Elite Retreat cohorts (the participants hold a weekly mastermind conference call to implement what we learned at the conference). Neil and Mu write together on the Pronet Advertising blog, which has been bar far the most helpful and comprehensive source of information to really understand Digg and the Digg culture. Mu also recently landed a gig as a contributor to Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger.

check out the entire post.