thoughts on what alister is saying

alister said some very kind words about me a little while ago and i wanted to point them out here,

if Muhammad Saleem submits your story it means a) you’ve written an impressive enough post to get the attention of a top Digger (well done!) and b) you have, say, a 25 per cent chance of a bucket-load of traffic from a promoted story on Digg!

and he even gave out some pointers on how to bait me,

Now, you can leave it all to chance or you can think hard about how you can befriend some of the top Diggers. Muhammad Saleem, for example, is very approachable. Start by adding value in the comments of posts he writes on the Pronet blog, so he notices you. If you have good reason to do it, link back to a relevant post of your own in a comment you leave on his blog. Do what I did and send him a message or two via MyBlogLog. I didn’t send rubbish; for memory it was a suggestion to check out a post of mine that was on-topic with something he’d written somewhere.

check out the entire post.

in fact, he got it absolutely right. here’s what i said to him on his blog,

Hi Alister,

Thanks for the kind words. You know I was having the same conversation with Wendy ( the other day. I don’t mind submitting content for anyone and I never ask for favors, money, or anything of that nature. The only thing I say is that if you want me to submit something for you, feel free to ping me, but please please please make sure that the content is Digg-worthy because I hate saying no.

Apart from that, if it helps you get traffic or reach whatever other goals anyone as a content producer has, I am more than happy to oblige.

when it comes down to it, i have a knack for finding the right content for digg and have a good reputation on the site. for example, i got 7 stories promoted on the site yesterday and got another 9 stories promoted since then, taking my total to 478 and putting me at number 16 on the list of top diggers.

i’ve never charged for putting any content up on digg and never will. if you want me to help you out (i.e. if you have great content that will be relevant to the digg community) all you have to do is ask.