how many rich fools are there in the world?

apple announced the downloading of the 3 billionth song from itunes today, and i can’t help but wonder who all these rich fools are, that are downloading and paying for songs. i would love to see statistics on how many people make up what percentage of downloads from the itunes music store, and what percentage this figure is of the total itunes install base. here’s what im looking for:

let’s assume there are 100 people in the world. let’s assume 85 of them use itunes. now, let’s assume 20 of them download music from itunes, and 3 of those 20 download 75% of the total music downloaded. according to my made up figures,

85% of the world uses itunes
23.53% of the users download music from the itunes music store
15% of the downloaders (3.5% of the users) account for 75% of the music downloaded

note: i just made up these numbers.

does that sound like a good number of rich fools (3.5% of the total user base)? while i have no doubt that 3 billion songs have been downloaded, i’m having an incredibly hard time believing that this number is spread nicely over all the itunes users. it makes more sense that a small number of deep-pocketed fools are doing most of the paid downloading from the itunes music store, while everyone else uses p2p software to download music and itunes to manage it and sync it with their ipods.