the a-list has its problems, but…

i completely agree, the a-list bloggers are slacking off, stealing your ideas and reposting them as their own content, they don’t deserve the attention or the money, blah blah blah blah blah… what the hell are the b-list bloggers doing about it? apart from bitching and moaning about the a-list bloggers i mean.

dare obasanjo makes a half-decent point (so does mike), but whining about it isn’t going to solve anything. unsubscribe from the feeds you think are useless and stop patronizing their blogs. even though i think it’s a bit extreme to say that a-list bloggers are full of it, if you think that’s the case, why don’t i see you writing the content you think is missing rather than just complaining about it? every a-list blogger had to start somewhere; most of them weren’t born with a silver spoon – and if you stop wasting your time with this whining, who knows, this time next year someone might be whining about you not ‘getting it’.

as for the later half of your list of gripes, here’s what i have to say about it ‘pure rubbish’ (well almost pure, you got the part about pownce largely being a twitter knock-off right). and you’re right, techmeme isn’t perfect, for some reason they felt that it would be useful to feature your post.