zomg blog morons!

i don’t usually have many bad things to say about the people at download squad, but that’s because they usually don’t act like morons. for example, one of the writers on the site, gordon finlayson, finally got out from under the rock he’s been hiding under for the past decade to realize that there are people that steal content from blogs, paste it to their own, throw some ads around it and try to make money from it.

have a look at this beautifully composed exhibition of idiocy:

But while linking and references may be the lifeblood of blogging, there’s a submerged undercurrent of blogs and Web sites looking to get something for nothing, sailing the high seas of the Blogosphere with a view to plundering hard working Blogs for what they can in order to build up page views and Google page rankings.

yeah i had to read it 5 times to make sense of it too. let me make it easy for you:

Google KidSense

note to gordon: when you are linking to sites scraping your content, at least use the nofollow tag. c’mon man!