youtube launching invideo advertising

jordan mccollum has an interesting post detailing the impending launch of invideo advertising on youtube.

As an alternative to preroll and postroll ads, InVideo ads offer more engagement, less disruption for viewers and lower video abandonment rates—a win all around.

while anyone who has watched cable television in south-asia knows that this isn’t anything new, i have to agree that invideo advertising (if done right) will definitely be much less distruptive and much more palatable than pre-roll or post-roll ads. these ads will start 15 seconds into a clip, will occupy the bottom 20% of the player, and if not clicked on within 10 seconds, will automatically disappear for the remainder of the video’s duration.

according to research done at yourube, invideo ads offer a deeper level of engagement and will result in improved conversion for marketers, making the site a much better marketing platform.

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