looking for a web 2.0 job? here are over 1900 of them

israeli blogger yehuda berlinger is on a mission to go through a list of about 5,000 web 2.0 companies and bring to you a list of all open positions. so far he has gone through 586 companies out of the 5,000 and has come up with over 1900 jobs.

Of course, I’m recording a lot of other information about each company, including short summaries, web 2.0 category, top managers, contact information, a personal rating, and so on. I may be willing to give this out to anyone who is $really nice$ to me.

if you’re on the market, check out round one of the list. round two is expected in a week or two.

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2 thoughts on “looking for a web 2.0 job? here are over 1900 of them

  1. Yehuda Berlinger


    Sorry about that. I’ll try to correct it in the next post. In the meantime, I linked to the job page of each of the companies, so you can always click through to the company to see the location.



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