4 ways to get your money back and 200 reasons to love american express

did you hear that sound a couple days ago? well that was a few hundred thousand iphone early-adopters groaning in frustration and anger in response to steve jobs’ decision to reduce the price of the phone by $200. not only were the customers angry, but so were the investors, sending the stock price down around 10% since the announcement two days ago. while the investors and the analysts will have to wait to see if the move pays off, there are several ways for customers to get their money back.

1. apple’s price guarantee

should apple reduce its price on any shipped product within 10 calendar days of shipment, you may contact apple sales support at 1-800-676-2775 to request a refund or credit of the difference between the price you were charged and the current selling price. to receive the refund or credit you must contact apple within 14 business days of shipment.

2. steve jobs’ apology

after telling usatoday that the price drop was just how technology works and saying tough luck to the early-adopters, jobs’ did an about-face in an open letter to iphone customers.

therefore, we have decided to offer every iphone customer who purchased an iphone from either apple or at&t, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit towards the purchase of any product at an apple retail store or the apple online store.

3. most credit card companies

The following is quoted from the additional citicard disclosures but most credit cards have a similar offering.

if you buy an item with your mastercard or visa card, and if within 60 days after your purchase you see a printed advertisement for the same item (same model number and same model year) by the same manufacturer for lower price, we will refund you the price difference, up to $250 per item (up to a maximum of $1,000 per cardmember per year) provided the printed advertisement was published on the same day as or within 60 days after your purchase. no registration is necessary.

4. american express

american express also has an offering similar to the one mentioned above, but in spite of the 60-day limit on the offering and regardless of whether you are enrolled in it, american express is offering to adjust the price difference to all members. I called american express return protection at 1 (800) 297-8019 yesterday and was told that even though this was out of my coverage, in this case american express was making exceptions for all members.

after confirming my account and billing address, the lady on the phone simply asked for transaction date, location, price (with sales tax because you also get a refund on that), and the adjustment requested, and told me that the change would be reflected on my account within 24-48 hours.

note: i bought my iphone on launch-day and it was out of the 60-day window but i amex gave me the refund anyway.+

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11 thoughts on “4 ways to get your money back and 200 reasons to love american express

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  3. Gerri

    This is awesome information. Thanks for this post. I hope a LOT of people take advantage of the information you have provided. I have linked to this page from my blog.

  4. holger

    I find it slightly amusing that the public gets angry over an item being lowered in price. Sorry, but this is the free business model in work. That’s the risk we run every day, and a business should be free to adapt its price at any moment in time. Frustration, yes, but anger, no.

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  6. Justin

    Imho, and no offense, but really this is the kind of thing you should expect when you go and blow $600 on a cellphone, especially right when it’s first released. You could Never get me to pay that much for a phone, I don’t care what it does. I could build a darn nice computer, or have a little vacation somewhere if I had that kind of money to just blow on anything.

    Granted I loathe today’s consumer life-style where people think if they have a cellphone, car, etc that’s more than like 2 years old, they need to get a new one. I work with someone who’s getting rid of their 2001 SUV for a 2007 just because “it’s old”…damn thing isn’t even out of the first grade…my son will be highly disappointed when I tell him that he’s already halfway to being considered “old”.

    I am curious though, where do people get this kind of money and find the justification to drop more than an average person’s monthly rent/mortgage on a phone? I liken it to all the “big-wig wannabees” driving around in cars that are falling apart with blue-tooth earpieces just so they can look cool, so I’d love to find out I’m wrong here.

    In the end, it just bothers me mostly because it makes it worse for the rest of us on things we might actually need because of how much people are willing to spend just have the newest toy on the market.

  7. pfm

    i just got off phone with amex – they told me they are reviewing 10,000 complaints.

    should take 14-21 days to come back with reply (or partial refund).

    missed the apple 14 day window by one day…

  8. AgentSully

    If you bought before July 4th with Citibank you’ll need to write a letter requesting the same type of exception that Amex is granting to all their clients.

    If enough people write they may change their policy. Otherwise… you’re out of luck.

    If anyone wants a template of the letter I’m sending, let me know and I can email it to you.

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