iminlikewithyou gets a design update and i’ve got front-row tickets

iilwy (im in like with you), also known as hot or not for the web savvy (read this for a primer on the service), and the facebook of online dating sites, recently released a preview of their new interface for their beta users. here’s a look at what you can expect, and unlimited invites for all my loyal readers for the next 2 days so you can try out the site yourself.

with the new design, the site has said farewell to html and made a complete leap into flash. say goodbye to page refreshes and load-times as you seamlessly travel from one aspect of the site to the next. the main page (or your ‘home’) consists of 6 main panes and three menu bars. from here you can view a snapshot of the most important aspects of your profile and shortcuts to all the ways you can interact with the site.

the first pane displays news and updates from iilwy as well as other ‘breaking news’. clicking on any item from the small boxes will open it in the bigger box above and clicking a link from there will take you off the site and to the full story.

right underneath that you can see all the games (the playful mechanism through which you connect with other users) that you are currently bidding on and the bets you’ve made. clicking on the icon for a game will take you to that game’s page with additional information on the person who created the game, what the game is about, and a list of other bidders along with their comments on the game.

next to these to panes we have a user photo along with some quick statistics. clicking on these will take you to your profile page.

right underneath your profile is the latest addition to iilwy, called chatter. chatter is iilwy’s on-site messaging system that works similar to messaging on the micro-blogging site, pownce (i.e. messages can be public or private, and are threaded). along with chatter you also have ‘recent activity’, which indicates what your friends are up to, tells you who is bidding on you, if you’ve been outbid on a game, and so on.

in the last column, you have a box that displays the games you are running, your tagline for the games, the time left, who has bid on them and how much. clicking on a game will take you to your profile page where the game is displayed.

the last box on your main page displays the most popular games by users from across the site.

apart from these 6 main panes you have two menu bars at the top that give you quick access to your profile, other people’s profiles, chatter across your network, and the ability to view the site in full screen (you have to try full screen mode, it really allows you to enjoy the site and the new interface without any distractions). at the bottom, you have one more menu bar that shows you how many rubies (points you can use to bid on games) you have, which of your friends are online, let’s you edit/update your profile, and check the weather.

i was impressed by the design and the user interface when i first joined the iilwy beta some months back, but with the new design i was blown away. you can seamlessly jump from one part of the site to another without having to wait for pages to load, and every aspect of the site looks flawless.

so what’re you waiting for? click here or here to sign up using one of the two invite systems that charles foreman (founder of iilwy) set up for us. a special thanks to phil butler for making this happen.

p.s. check out some other private beta invites that i have.

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5 thoughts on “iminlikewithyou gets a design update and i’ve got front-row tickets

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  2. Scrivs

    Muhammad, I’ll take an invite if you still have any leftover. I keep on hearing about this place, but can never get in. Well done with the review as well.


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