digg to finally deliver on social networking promise

back in february when digg removed the top diggers list from the site, kevin promised,

as for what’s next, we’re currently working on designing and refining the technologies required that will help enable our nearly 900,000 registered users to make real connections that we believe will greatly enhance the digg experience – whether you’re brand new to the site or have been on digg since the beginning. we plan on rolling this out in the coming months along with features and programs that do a better job of rewarding positive contributions to the digg community.

almost 8 months after that, digg is finally ready to deliver on that promise. as businessweek points out, today’s announcement of social networking integration into digg is reminiscent of what you would expect to see on facebook or myspace, but the functionality is equally at home on digg. with the addition of social networking functionality and and the upcoming release (mid-october) of a picture section, digg aims to be your one source for social news, networking, photo and video sharing.

the official digg blog has a video walkthrough of the new features to be launched later tonight.

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6 thoughts on “digg to finally deliver on social networking promise

  1. Urbanist

    It really is about time – Digg communication and interaction has always been indirect at best. I find myself networking with other Diggers more offsite than on, and only occassionally have something resembling a conversation via the comments.

  2. Stephen

    I think the most important part of this update is the removal of the ability to digg directly from another user’s profile page. This is going to single-handedly take care of a lot of the blind digging that goes on at the site.

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  5. HMTKSteve

    A few observations:

    1. You can no longer digg upcoming stories that your friends have submitted without going to the story page.

    2. I find the shout option missing in a lot of places.

    3. No more ‘4 friends at a time’ limit on adding friends.

    4. I do not like the enforced zip code bit.


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