exclusive look: hey! nielsen private beta

with all the online digital media news we’ve recently been reading, i was glad to get an email from the hey nielsen team offering me access to the site a week in advance. here’s a look at hey nielsen, nielsen media research’s foray into the social web. the site is divided into 5 main sections which we will take a look at one by one. (click images for larger versions)


the first and most important aspect of the site is the opinions section. here people can create opinions, react to and rate opinions created by other people, comment on them, share them, and report them to the site. opinions can be created in 5 cetegories – tv, movies, music, personalities, and internet, and they can be rated on a scale of -5 to 5.

clicking on any topic from there (i clicked on jericho) will take you to all the opinions created on that topic and that topic’s resulting ranking.


although you can click on any topic to see its ranking, there is an overall rankings section on the site that ranks all activity on the site. in the default view you can see the 20 highest ranked items on the site in all 5 categories.

clicking an item from here takes you to all opinions about that item and that item’s resulting ranking trend.


hey! nielsen is still in private beta so some of the site’s features are still unavailable. the entertainment calendar will probably integrate tv-guide like functionality into the site.


member search let’s you search for other site members name and geographical proximity. by clicking on a member you can see their opinion interaction history and either message them or add them as a recommender (i.e. their preferences are used to recommend things for you).

widgets and feeds

the other feature that is unavailable in the beta is widgets and feeds. from the looks of it the widgets are really well done and would be right at home at a lot of celebrity/entertainment news sites.

even though a couple of features are disabled right now, the site is highly usable and using it is an incredibly enjoyable experience. with hey! nielsen, nielsen media research has hit the social media nail on its head.

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5 thoughts on “exclusive look: hey! nielsen private beta

  1. Bill

    Interesting–you wouldn’t think that Nielsen would be a company to put up a social media site, but more power to them. I’d love to get an invite and check it out. 😉

    Looking forward to checking it out, so far it looks rather interesting.

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