scoble’s 10 rules of twitter – here’s what i think

scoble just put up his 10 rules of using twitter, which needless to say he breaks (since rules are meant to be…). here’s my take on the rules.

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1. never send more than 140 characters: this is an obvious one and makes sense since you’re limited to 140 characters (pownce doesn’t have this limit).

2. never tweet more than 5 times a day: i think a more appropriate rule is to not tweet more than a couple of times in a row. otherwise you risk overexposure. you can tweet more than 5 times a day, just spread them out.

3. never follow more than 300 people: this will never be a problem for most people as long as they just follow their friends and people who they think have something useful to say. just don’t follow everyone who’s following you and you’ll be fine.

4. never follow anyone who isn’t your ‘real’ friend: it’s okay to follow people who aren’t your real friends if you are actually following them and engaging with them, just don’t break rule number 3.

5. don’t assume other people are having the same experience you are: that is the beauty of social media. we all get to define our own experience.

6. don’t post thoughts across multiple tweets: it’s called ‘micro-blogging’ (and twitter has enforced a 140-character limit) for a reason. if you have something longer to say, try tumblr or blogging.

7. the twitter question is ‘what are we doing?’: this doesn’t have to be enforced. you can post a blurb on what you are doing, what’s happening, what you think about what you are doing or what’s happening. just don’t break rule number 1 or 6.

8. follow one person for every 10 who follows you: this is a stupid rule. follow anyone you want as long as you are within the bounds of rule number 3.

9. if other people are telling you you’re spamming, you should listen to them: there is a mechanism for other people to block your spam. they can de-friend you and stop following you. problem solved.

10. don’t put things into twitter that aren’t designed for twitter: that’s what tumblr is for. figure out what you want to do with a platform and use the one most suited to your needs.

some people may abide by these rules but for the most of us there are no rules and if you don’t like it, click ‘un-follow’.

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3 thoughts on “scoble’s 10 rules of twitter – here’s what i think

  1. HMTKSteve

    Here’s my rule of blogging: Don’t follow people like Scoble. Don’t even link to him as he is just as link baiter. I put him in the same class of people as the kid who makes a lot of noise just so he can get attention.

  2. John Holloway

    I think microblogging needs more of micro-rules. What’s good about microblogging in the first place, besides short instant post updates, is spontaneity. Don’t you think?


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