linkedin adds pictures – why it matters to me

i have to admit, when i read that linkedin will begin letting people add pictures to their profiles, i was excited. in fact, it’s surprising that linkedin profiles didn’t launch with pictures.

adding a profile photo is one of the most commonly requested features for the linkedin profile, primarily because many people (like me) tend to recognize their colleagues and classmates more reliably by face than by name. they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and with this feature we hope to make it easier for people to form richer professional connections online.

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i read articles from hundreds of different blogs every week and talk to dozens of content creators everyday but the blogs that i keep going back to and the people that i have developed long-term relationships with are the ones with the most comprehensive about pages (online bios on their sites) and author profiles with pictures. knowing more about the author and being able to see the human being behind the content makes it the connection much more ‘real’ and inherently makes me more willing to embrace them and their content. similarly, photos on linkedin aim to help people connect by face rather rather than just name.

uploading pictures to linkedin is not to be used like similar features on facebook or myspace. make sure you make the best use of the tools linkedin provides you with to appear most professional.

we know that people take their professional reputations seriously, and as a result we expect linkedin profile photos to be professional in nature. however, we also hope that the wisdom of the millions of linkedin users will help us identify photos that violate that. similar to linkedin answers, members will be able to quickly and easily flag photos that violate policy for review.

not everyone is happy with the addition. allen, for example, wonders if the addition of photos will lead to discrimination.

  • Will employers be looking for the hottest cutie?
  • Will a fat man be passed over just because he is fat?
  • Will a woman who looks “old” be passed over?
  • What about race issues?

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One thought on “linkedin adds pictures – why it matters to me

  1. Mark Dykeman

    Hi msaleem!

    Excellent points here about bios and pictures. I started using Facebook a few months ago and I’ve just started to explore LinkedIn. I’m a bit reluctant to add my picture to LinkedIn, but I guess I can see the benefits of using that feature. However, I definitely think that Facebook does not completely replace LinkedIn, at least not yet.


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