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i just got an email from the folks behind one of my favorite podcasts, ask a ninja, and they’re launching a social network just for ninjas (and other cool people of course).

the social network is built on the ning platform and is an extension of the existing ask a ninja community. what this means is that if you have an existing account at either of those, you can use it to log in and start customizing your profile. to customize your profile, you begin by adding your email address and declaring your allegiance (the only two mandatory fields).

there are four main sections to the site.

my page

this is your profile page. this is where you can upload photos or videos, edit information about yourself, as well as see the latest activity from your friends and how they are interacting with your profile. you can also edit the appearance of the page and create and manage a blog.


the members page let’s you view snapshots of member profiles, which you can expand by clicking on them. you can also use the search box to search for members and invite your friends to join the network.


this is where the meat of the conversation is taking place on the site. people can create and participate in discussions and optionally filter the conversation by ‘my discussions’. the section also includes a list of the most popular contributors.


the clans section let’s you create or join a clan and view clan profiles. you can search clans by name or sort them by number of members or date of creation.

last words

on the whole it is a very simple social network (limited, perhaps, by the features offered by ning) but with a very viral theme. i look forward to killing networking with you soon!

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  3. Charbarred

    It’s really nice that every site can create its own community nowadays either with Ning or other networks. We used Flux for The Plugg and we’re quite happy with it (although we don’t get many Ninja fans)


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