Monthly Archives: November 2007

propeller’s new site design: mind-blowingly awesome

wow. it took me a while to calm down before i could start writing anything. i got a chance to look at the new site design (not live, only internal) for propeller, and i have to say, it [expletive] rocks! the design will not only be much much better than the current site design, but it is safe to say that it will be better than all other social sites out there right now.

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guest post at search engine land: it’s the (other) algorithm, stupid! understanding diggRank

i’ve written a post on search engine land explaining everything we can hope to understand about the digg algorithm.

have you ever wondered what it really takes for a story submitted to digg to get to the home page? or why a certain story—even a really good, social media friendly story—never got to the home page? i’m frequently asked the question, “hey, my story has [number] of diggs but it still hasn’t been promoted to the home page. any idea what’s wrong?” and, relatively less frequently, I hear someone saying in amazement, “wow, all it took was 29 diggs and that story rocketed to the home page!” i’m always tempted to reply “it’s the algorithm, stupid!”

so here’s your chance to learn more about the algorithm.

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guest post at pickthebrain: how to write fascinating content that readers will remember

i’ve written a guest post at pickthebrain with 6 steps to writing content that readers will retain.

an opinionated piece with a human element should give any active reader more than enough to participate in a discussion while simplicity and brevity will appease the most reflective of readers. furthermore, while visual cues and formatting will attract the visual ‘readers’, retainability through repetition and simplicity should draw the verbal readers to your content.

please check out the complete article for a all 6 points explained in more detail.

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guest post at read/writeweb: the economic idiocy of blocking social media traffic

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb as a follow up to why digg is blocked.

by now most of you have probably seen the site ‘why digg is blocked’. for those that haven’t come across it, the site is on a mission to convince webmasters and content producers to reject social media traffic. here’s a look at the incredibly flawed logic the site uses to justify its purpose.

please check out the complete article for a point-by-point refutation.

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