4-figure glory: me and the digg 1,000 club

i’m happy to announce that i was just inducted into the digg.com 1,000 club. i join the esteemed ranks of mrbabyman and digitalgopher, the only other diggers (apart from me) to promote more than 1,000 stories to digg’s home page (though i’m certain zaibatsu and supernova17 will be joining us before the end of the month). i want to thank all the content producers whose stories i have submitted (for creating the great content) and all the digg users (who have been reading, digging, and commenting on my submissions).

check out my profile, and the complete rankings.

p.s. digg was having some major issues yesterday, and it seems my promoted stories from yesterday haven’t been counted yet. i have talked to a few people with backup information on top diggers’ profiles and was assured that i had 992 promoted stories as of 4.00 am on the 14th, and since then have had 10 more promoted, out of which 6 were yesterday and consequently not counted by digg. though digg is still showing 996, the actual number is 1,002.

20 thoughts on “4-figure glory: me and the digg 1,000 club

  1. Alisha

    Congrats MSaleem ! That’s an awesome accomplishment! Thank you for submitting such interesting content day after day! I enjoy reading the items you submit both at DIGG and StumbleUpon.

  2. Trevor

    Crikey that’s brilliant Msaleem! I have only recently discovered you through Alisha and she was spot on about the quality selection you choose when you submit and digg. Congratulations . . . I look forward to commenting when you reach 2,000!

  3. BrettFromTibet


    Great job, bro! I have enjoyed following your content and voting on it. A lot of top quality submissions, and a well-deserved milestone for ya!

    I think the future hold HUGE things in store for you.


  4. Emad

    Wow… that’s amazing… Now, I feel guilty for only digging my own stories :)… I will try to be more selfless like you and digg others’ stories.


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