how would you improve digg alerter?

i have to admit, in the past 2 years i’ve tried almost every greasemonkey script, firefox extention, and api-based digg tool, and there are only three tools that i continue to use regularly, one of which is digg alerter. digg alerter has been at version 1.2 for a while now (and with good reason, the release is really great) but now adam is opening up the forum to the users to request new features they would like to see implemented in the next release of the software.

here are some of the things that i would like to see implemented:

  1. enable comment threading and the ability to see the comments’ current ratings (sort by most dugg comments).
  2. have the option to list more than 100 people that dugg a particular post. this is especially useful for top diggers whose stories often require 150+ diggs before they are promoted.
  3. the ability to double-click a link from digg alerter and go to that story’s digg page. and the ability to double-click a comment to go and respond to that comment.
  4. front the personal file: the ability to record when a story hits front page. sometimes my submissions are promoted overnight and i would like to know how many diggs it took.

if you have ideas on how to improve digg alerter please leave adam a comment or send him an email.

p.s. the other two tools that i still use are the digg this! firefox extension and the add mirrors greasemonkey script.

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3 thoughts on “how would you improve digg alerter?

  1. FallOutBoyTonto

    Does this program still work for you?

    It doesn’t seem to be including my latest submissions anymore, and the (unofficial) Firefox extension sometimes cannot tell if a webpage was already submitted. . .

    There seems to have been some changes made to Digg within the last few days.


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