guest post at read/writeweb: what’s coming next at digg?

i wrote a guest post at read/writeweb yesterday, taking a look at the new features we may soon see on digg.

with all the things that we can expect in the next few months, I can really say I haven’t been this excited to see the next phase of digg in a long-time. especially considering that they are reaching out to the community at large to get feedback (usually they get feedback from limited focus groups).

have a look at all the features in detail.

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One thought on “guest post at read/writeweb: what’s coming next at digg?

  1. Hugo guzman

    Interesting stuff, Muhammad. I especially like the recommendation engine and the Digg achievements.

    Quick question: do you know for sure that these features are in the works or is this more of a wish list and/or prediction?


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