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guest post at read/writeweb: page view metric dying – but what will replace it?

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb on the death of the page view as a useful metric.

the problem it seems, arises because there is a disconnect between the advertising industry and the publishing industry. the reason why there is an eternal quest for traffic, not only in terms of unique visitors, but also maximizing page views per visitor, is because advertising networks let you in on the basis of how much traffic you’re generating, and your eventual income is based on the number of impressions (and clicks).

what do you think is the fate of the page view and what will replace it?

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guest post at read/writeweb: why yahoo! buzz is a brilliant idea

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb on yahoo! buzz. this will probably be the first and (for now) the only positive piece about the site that you will read.

as soon as the online press got hold of a sliver of information about yahoo! buzz, the predictable cries of “digg clone!” were loud enough to drown out anyone who thought that yahoo! buzz might be something more than a lame attempt at socially driven news (without the social elements). while many people think that the flurry of recent launches from yahoo! represent nothing more than a cry of desperation, i think yahoo! buzz, at least, sets itself apart from the rest.

yahoo! is moving in the right direction, and a very exciting one for all parties involved, and here’s why.

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guest post at search engine land: how to shout on social media sites without screaming

i’ve written a post on search engine land explaining why sharing content is a good idea, and laying down some guidelines to help you share without overwhelming your friends.

no feature that i can recall in recent memory has polarized the social news sphere more than the ability to mass-alert stories to other users for immediate votes. stumbleUpon has the “send to” feature, propeller has “site-mail” and digg has “shouts.” as i’ve said before, the feature is a great one in principle but can be a horrible one in practice. as with any tool you give to people, half your job is to educate them on how to use the feature and set some guidelines so that it’s not abused.

learn how to use the feature without annoying anyone.

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guest post at problogger: 4 reasons you should encourage, foster and harness dissent on your blog

i’ve written a post on problogger on why it pays to encourage disagreement on your blog.

that said i really appreciate anyone who takes the time out to comment on my thoughts (regardless of whether they agree or disagree with me), and think that we should never underestimate the importance of truly legitimate dissent for the following 4 reasons:

read all 4 reasons and feel free to disagree with me!

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broadcasting brain interview – catch the brainwaves with muhammad saleem

catch the brainwaves is our ongoing series of interviews with a variety of folks participating in blogging and social media. i ask them ten questions and they respond with their brilliant answers and insights! today’s q&a features a rising force in social media who really knows how to “digg” for gold – and find it!

please visit broadcasting brain to read my interview and the rest of the fantastic ‘catch the brainwaves’ series.

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