guest post at read/writeweb: why yahoo! buzz is a brilliant idea

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb on yahoo! buzz. this will probably be the first and (for now) the only positive piece about the site that you will read.

as soon as the online press got hold of a sliver of information about yahoo! buzz, the predictable cries of “digg clone!” were loud enough to drown out anyone who thought that yahoo! buzz might be something more than a lame attempt at socially driven news (without the social elements). while many people think that the flurry of recent launches from yahoo! represent nothing more than a cry of desperation, i think yahoo! buzz, at least, sets itself apart from the rest.

yahoo! is moving in the right direction, and a very exciting one for all parties involved, and here’s why.

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One thought on “guest post at read/writeweb: why yahoo! buzz is a brilliant idea

  1. Shafqat

    Great post! What people in tech/early adopter circles often forget is that probably 95% (completely made up number) of internet users have never heard of digg or even know what ‘social news’ is. Yahoo can bring the concept to the mainstream. This is a huge opportunity, and I wish them well. Although, full disclosure: I’m cofounder of NewsCred and we’re trying to bring an element of social news to the mainstream as well. David vs Goliath, but it should be fun! It’ll be interesting to see how the mainstream adopt to Buzz…


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