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’social media and simplicity’ – part 2 of 10

part 2 in my 10-part series on ’social media and simplicity’ is up.

how you organize your life can make the difference between utilizing 10 tools and reaching 40,000 people or utilizing 5 tools and reaching 100,000 people.

head on over to freelance switch to simplify your social media workflow today.

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‘social media and simplicity’ – part 1 of 10

part 1 in my 10-part series on ‘social media and simplicity’ is up.

remember, there are no secrets. less is often more, and the key is in creating and sharing value. as we said in the beginning, step 1 in achieving simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. if you don’t feel it’s right for you, get rid of it, and focus on an alternative that works for you.

head on over to freelance switch to simplify your social media workflow today.

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10-part series on ‘social media and simplicity’

over the next few weeks freelance switch will be publishing+ 10-part series on ‘social media and simplicity’ that i recently finished writing. this series is really a labor of love for me so i encourage all of you to read it, comment on it, share it with your friends and colleagues, and if you feel it deserves the attention, share it on social media sites.

if you’ve ever wondered about how you can use the web’s newest communities to promote and grow your freelancing business, this ‘social media and simplicity’ series will serve as a definitive guide.

please bookmark this page which will serve as an index for all 10-parts as they are released.

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guest post at read/writeweb – interview: socialthing! founder matt galligan

recently people have been comparing lifestreaming services friendFeed and socialthing!, trying to determine which one will win or whether they even compete. for example, see readwriteweb’s post friendfeed vs socialthing!. i signed up for friendFeed when it first came out and more recently i was lucky enough to get a private beta invite for socialthing! as well. i sat down with socialthing! founder and ceo matt galligan, to get a little insight into the differences and similarities between the two products.

to learn more about each service and make your decision, head over to readwriteweb for the complete interview.

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i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb on the death of the page view as a useful metric.

so… how do i sign up for yahoo! buzz?

since i first wrote about why i think yahoo! buzz is a brilliant idea, many people have asked me how they can get into yahoo! buzz as publishers. i’ve poked and prodded, and thus far i have only come up with the following:

how do i sign up for yahoo! buzz as a publisher?

yahoo! buzz is currently in “beta”. during our “beta” program, we are testing the user appeal and performance of including links to publishers from around the web that provide truly unique and engaging content. the current test is limited to a small set of select publishers (representing a broad range of topics and sizes) to ensure we can evolve the program in a way that is most beneficial for our users and the user experience.

if you would like to be considered as a future publisher, please visit for more information.

here’s the response one friend who applied to get into the program got from a yahoo! representative (the representative wasn’t a part of the buzz team but was in contact with them):

the process is a bit ad hoc at the moment apparently; i put in the good word for you.

so what does that mean?

in simple words, what this means is that as of yet, the publishers program is closed. the publishers that are currently on the site have been approved because they represent original and engaging content on a wide range of topics and are members of the yahoo! publisher network. you can sign up for the yahoo! buzz newsletter on the site’s about page to get notified the moment the site starts accepting new publishers. in the meantime i would suggest that you apply to get into ypn so you’re ready and waiting.

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