social media optimization and marketing 101

thanks for the overwhelming response to my presentation at the web 2.0 expo san francisco 2008 on social media optimization and marketing. here are the original slides along with all the references i used within the presentation.

i have disabled downloading for now but you can embed the presentation on your site using the code.


  1. industry rules for social media optimization
  2. comparative analysis of technologies used on fortune 500 and inc. 500 corporate web sites [pdf]
  3. how to build a ‘digg culture’ on your blog
  4. three month overview of social news and bookmark popular topics
  5. link attraction factors [pdf]
  6. the 10-second rule: how to write for diagonal readers
  7. writing headlines for regular readers, search engines, and social media
  8. high impact content “above the scroll” in four easy steps
  9. the social media manual
  10. how to shout on social media sites without screaming
  11. understanding the digg algorithm
  12. leveraging social media sites to increase search visibility

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