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conversations about social media – friday, may 30, 2008

here’s a recap of the most active conversations from the social media room.

  1. how to improve your presence on the social web
  2. are we social or anti-social?
  3. the ultimate yahoo pipes creation list
  4. reflections on flock, the social browser
  5. friendfeed and noise filtering
  6. what is friendfeed?
  7. is social media worth it?
  8. social media in 140 characters
  9. friendfeed’s killer app
  10. social media in simple english
  11. the most despised figure in social media
  12. is blogging social media?
  13. your biggest social media achievement
  14. are you a conversation starter?

the social media room is now the most happening room on friendfeed.

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note to digg: use redirects

when digg released their new comment system about 2 weeks ago they also made an update to their url structures to bring them in line with a previous update where they had implemented a universal taxonomy. The universal taxonomy allows you to submit any type of content (news, pictures, videos) to any category (technology, world and business, science, and so on) and then sort by media type in the upcoming and front page sections for any subcategory.

so, for example, you can browse upcoming as:[media type or ‘all’]/upcoming/most

or browse the front page as:[media type, ‘all’, or leave blank]

the problem, was that they had implemented this for the overall upcoming section and the front page but hadn’t actually implemented it for upcoming sections for different categories or subcategories and you could only browse upcoming subcategories as follows:[category or subcategory]/upcoming/most

however with this update they have applied the universal taxonomy to those as well, transforming the link above to:[media type or ‘all’]/[category or subcategory]/upcoming/most

and what they failed to do was redirect the older structures to the newer ones. in fact, when i first encountered this problem i thought that the site was actually down or having problems (because i was using the older url structures not knowing that they had changed and not finding out because they weren’t redirecting).

now i know only a little about how search works and how the integrity and value of different pages on a site work but i don’t imagine this being good for them at all. so, note to digg: use redirects.

special thanks to chris winfield for pointing this out. you can follow him on twitter for other interesting updates.

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conversations about social media – thursday, may 29, 2008

here’s a recap of the most active conversations from the social media room.

  1. which social media site are you most active on and why?
  2. flock – the mozilla-powered social browser
  3. twitter will die, here’s why
  4. friendfeed rooms are like forums 2.0
  5. how to run a blog from within a friendfeed room
  6. friendfeed and xml
  7. 4 tools for improving comments on your blog
  8. how many rss feeds do you subscribe to?

some great discussions going on in the room this very moment. join and be heard!

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conversations about social media – wednesday, may 28, 2008

here’s a recap of the most active conversations from the social media room.

  1. facebook to open source platform
  2. microsoft jumping into social bookmarking
  3. old media needs to get over its control issues

if you like what you’re seeing, drop by the room and join a conversation. if you don’t like what you’re seeing, join the room and start a new conversation.

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