guest post at read/writeweb – twitter versus plurk: the ui advantage

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb exploring the ui advantage that plurk has over other microblogging sites.

if you think about the basic functionality, all micro-blogging sites offer more or less the same. you can create an account, add some friends, and then message back and forth (privately and publicly) and share stuff with each other. what plurk does differently is the user interface and the effect of this change reverberates throughout the site. here are the major ui changes and their impact.

check ’em out.

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2 thoughts on “guest post at read/writeweb – twitter versus plurk: the ui advantage

  1. Tomboys

    I instantly fell in love with plurk. As someone who is very active in social media I can say that plurk has mastered the art of instant and personal interactivity. Being on plurk is like having a houseful of friends that you can cut off at anytime.

  2. Scott McIntyre

    I took a look at your guest post, Muhammad, and it’s very informative.

    As a relatively new user to Social Media, I find all this information very helpful.

    I look forward to more guest posts from you and some of your own ones here too.


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