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guest post at read/writeweb: the case for an apple inetwork

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb making the case for the next version of itunes to go truly social.

itunes social networking and collaborative filtering (recommendations) system, coupled with the iphone’s versatile wireless communication and media sharing capabilities, topped off with media and information management (and sharing) in the cloud, the combo is no doubt ready to be our digital life (and relationship) manager.

read more.

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guest post at read/writeweb: has yahoo! buzz lived up to the buzz?

i’ve written a guest post at read/writeweb looking at the state of yahoo! buzz in the wake of the most recent changes.

since they opened the submission process to everyone, the buzz surrounding the site has really been at a high. desperate publishers and marketers who were previously locked out of the supposed ‘traffic mecca’ have joined the service in droves and have already started the practice of vote-begging in the hopes that enough votes will get them promoted to yahoo’s main page. here’s what you need to know about the current state of buzz.

check it out.

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guest post at search engine land: social media marketing roi – metrics and analysis

i’ve written a post on search engine land covering some basics of social media content marketing, roi metrics, and analysis.

when you take the advice above, keep in mind that businesses cannot succeed in social media without obeying the principles of authenticity, integrity, transparency, and participation. self-serving networking and a singular and goal of promoting your content or service isn’t the best way to ensure success.

read the entire article.

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guest post at mashable: ma.gnolia goes open source, but bookmarking is dying

i’ve written a guest post at mashable exploring the state of social bookmarking, social news, and personal bookmarking. would love to read your feedback on the topic.

while ma.gnolia’s efforts are commendable they don’t predict a very bright future for the site and the ongoing decline in use and impending obsolescence of social ‘bookmarking’ is partly to blame.

read the entire post.

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is a virtual slave trade… okay?

among the speculation on what facebook is application making $1 million a month, one application that was named as possible candidate was ‘friends for sale‘. not to be a kill joy but if you look at what the application is actually about, you will probably have just as hard a time as myself, believing that the application has 4.5 million active monthly users.

Picture 1

photo: am i being a killjoy or is virtual slavery bad?

in short, the application let’s you:

  1. buy and sell people as pets.
  2. make your pets poke and show off for you.
  3. trade your friends (now pets) as commodities.

you should feel honored when someone buys you! when people buy you, your value goes up and when you buy people and then sell them you make money, too.

oh okay then. i feel honored now.

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