is a virtual slave trade… okay?

among the speculation on what facebook is application making $1 million a month, one application that was named as possible candidate was ‘friends for sale‘. not to be a kill joy but if you look at what the application is actually about, you will probably have just as hard a time as myself, believing that the application has 4.5 million active monthly users.

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photo: am i being a killjoy or is virtual slavery bad?

in short, the application let’s you:

  1. buy and sell people as pets.
  2. make your pets poke and show off for you.
  3. trade your friends (now pets) as commodities.

you should feel honored when someone buys you! when people buy you, your value goes up and when you buy people and then sell them you make money, too.

oh okay then. i feel honored now.

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5 thoughts on “is a virtual slave trade… okay?

  1. Nathan

    It certainly makes slavery fun, which does a disservice to people’s framework’s on issues. That’s the deal here. People lack a framework for understanding the world we live in, and things like this help erode what little rationality that people have left.

  2. Kat

    Is the irony lost on anyone?

    “Removing Friends For Sale does not mean that the content you posted using that appli-cation will be removed. That said, before you remove the application it’s a nice idea to release or sell any of your pets as a form of courtesy.”

  3. Pedro

    Ok guys. I agree that it may be a pretty stupid application (in a lot of people’s opinion, including my own). But slavery was not condemned because it generated a trade, but because people were violently forced to do things they didn’t wanted. The slave trade was condemned because it stimulated slavery, not the other way around.


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