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Guest Post at Mashable – Why Do We Love YouTube But Hate Eric Bauman?

I’ve written a guest post at Mashable taking a look at the blogosphere’s reaction to Eric Bauman and his team being ousted from eBaum’s and comparing the site’s position to to larger video sites

Ultimately do we hate one because a smaller group of people is infringing on the copyright of small, independent content creators while the other is a platform that enables hundreds of thousands of users to infringe on the copyrights of large corporations?

read the article. (and don’t forget to digg and stumble the original link)

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Senior ‘Social Media’ Editor for SEMJ

I have accepted a position of Senior Editor for Social Media with Search Engine Marketing Journal and am thrilled to be working alongside Brent Csutoras.

The goal of the journal is to help professionals in the industry share and demonstrate their expertise. We are different from a magazine in that we encourage the submission of articles and research papers by experts in the industry. Similar to a scientific journal, we review articles submitted by industry professionals and our editors decide if the article will be published in our journal.

If you would like to have your paper considered by the journal please review the requirements and submit it for review.

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