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Guest Post at VentureBeat – The Question We Should Be Asking About ‘Record’ Amazon Prime Member Growth

What could’ve caused the impressive spike in Amazon Prime subscriptions, and will these new users stick around – i.e. did Amazon lock-in another $79 million this holiday season due to growth in prime?

In light of all this it should be obvious that while while Amazon may have registered 1 million new amazon prime members, many of them are probably using it to expedite shipping on last minute purchases and are likely to cancel after, and many others are probably taking advantage of months-long free Prime access for students and moms, and will not be paying the annual fee of $79.

Read the full post at VentureBeat.

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Guest Post at VentureBeat – Why ‘Viral Mills’ are Content Marketing at its Worst

Business Insider — as well as Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and a growing number of others – definitely show impressive traffic numbers, but are they a good indicator of a successful business?

Virality mills are ultimately reliant on ever-increasing page views to deliver impressions to advertisers and are prey to the same pitfalls as traditional publishers seeking inorganic audience growth. Furthermore, virality mills as a business model are no different from any publisher embracing viral content marketing for audience development – write with the singular goal of widespread exposure with complete disregard for a search acquisition strategy

Read the full post at VentureBeat.

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Connect with Me on LinkedIn for Free Consultation

I have recently relocation to Toronto, Ontario, canada and am currently looking for full-time and part-time social media marketing and consulting opportunities. Please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn to reach out and ask any questions you might have or if you can think of any way I can help you better execute your online marketing strategy and achieve you goals (free of charge, of course).

Returning from Hiatus

You may have noticed there hasn’t been any activity on the site for the past few years. Due to the incredibly hands-on and time consuming nature of my most recent role as the director of social media strategy at Consumer Media Network this site took a back seat to my day job. Now that I have left consumer media network and relocated to Toronto, Ontario, I plan on updating this site much more regularly. I hope you will stay tuned.