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speaking at sobcon ’08, looking for sponsors

i wanted to take a moment and let you know that i will be speaking at the successful and outstanding bloggers’ conference this year. i attended the conference last year and found it to be incredibly rewarding. not only were the speakers great but the networking opportunities were endless. want to know what’s great? this year is only going to be better.

sobcon08 is “biz school for blogging.” this year’s event tracks entrepreneur bloggers and corporate bloggers alike, with an innovative format and a stellar cast of speaker/instructors.

the sobcon08 program guarantees to send each attendee home with a business action plan that can be immediately executed for measurable success. the “mastermind” teams in which attendees will be interacting will provide uniquely deep working relationships that are more meaningful than the business card trading found at other conference/networking events.

to learn more about the event and the conversation i want to have with you in particular, please check out the program. you can order the sponsors package directly from here.

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guest post at problogger: the 1-step way to becoming a comment leader

i’ve written a post on problogger on how to become a comment leader.

as a content producer, make sure that your audience is comfortable stating their opinion, and as the audience, take full advantage of the platform given to you to express yourselves.

read on and become a comment leader today.

this post is a part of my journey through james surowiecki’s the wisdom of crowds.

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digg town halls announced

the first results of our conversation with kevin and jay are already here.

we’re always looking for ways to have more conversations with you to learn how we can improve digg. to do this on a regular basis, we are launching a series of digg town hall meetings. we’re holding the first of these the evening of monday february 25th, where kevin and i will give an update on what’s happening at digg, discuss topics that you propose, and answer your questions.

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