facebook im: how many levels of communication do we really need?

sam sethi got a sneak peek at a soon to be announced instant messaging client for facebook.

what i like about this facebook app is there is nothing to download or install, no registration and best of all, all of your friends in facebook can use it instantly.

first of all, you do need to register – with facebook – before you can use the application (remember walled-garden?), and if i’m not mistaken, you do have to add the application to your profile. second, how many levels of communication within one network do we really need?

facebook currently has three different ways you can communicate with your friends.

the facebook wall

the first method you can use is the facebook wall. messages posted on the wall are generally visible to all of your friends (though you can change that setting) and people can click ‘wall-to-wall’ to see a back-and-forth exchange between you and another friend. the wall is generally limited to text and link-sharing.

facebook messaging

facebook messaging can be used to send a private message to one user or a group of users and allows you to send text but also links, pictures, videos, and so on. these messages can only be viewed by people who they are sent to.

facebook status

facebook status messages are a micro-blogging platform unto themselves. they work just like twitter, and let you post what you are doing at any point, on your profile.

do we really need facebook im?

that really depends on how liberal you are with your social network. i, for example, (for the most part) only add people that i actually know and communicate with otherwise. because of that, most of the people on my network are also on my im list and only a click away. for many others, however, facebook im may be an easy way to reach out to people who they don’t actually know and wouldn’t be comfortable giving their email/im information to just yet.

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4 thoughts on “facebook im: how many levels of communication do we really need?

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  3. Jay

    I have a different opinion on the matter. I think a Facebook IM would be extremely convenient and useful.

    Let’s face it. Facebook already replaced the away message with the status indicator. The wall is a very eye pleasing and quick way to stay in touch. Why not slap an IM system over all this pre-existing usefulness? If my friends adopt it I’ll probably scrap AIM for all intents and purposes.


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