the techmeme leaderboard is now live

the techmeme leaderboard which arrington gave us a taste of yesterday, is now live. though it is being compared to the technorati top 100, the sites actually accomplish different things. on the leaderboard, the sites listed can be any news outlet that has been on techmeme, and the sources are ranked every 20 minutes based on how many times they have been listed as the headlining site in the past month.

you will note that the list is drastically different from the technorati 100 for a couple of reasons. while the posts that appear on techmeme appear based on linking, the sites that these posts are from (i.e. the sites indexed by techmeme) are handpicked by gabe rivera to ensure relevancy and quality. on technorati, on the other hand, anyone can add himself. the only criteria on techmeme is that the outlet has to be technology-focused. it can be a blog, a news site, or whatever else. by comparison, on technorati, the only criteria is that you have to be a blog and can be about whatever.

while it is another great way to discover relevant and popular sites, it won’t replace technorati’s top 100 list anytime soon. this site will also probably not with techmeme any new users but is definitely a very welcome addition for loyal visitors (like myself).

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